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Mesin Fogging Agrofog AF-35Mesin Fogging Best Fogger BF 150

Mesin Fogging AIROFOG AR35
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Mesin Fogging AIROFOG AR35

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Performance of combustion Chamber, Approx: 18.7 KW
Fuel Consumption, Approx.: 2 L/H
Fuel Tank capacity: 1.2 L
Pressure in fuel tank, Approx.: 0.09 bar or 9000 Pa
Igntion by Electronic coil Supplied from: 4x1.5 V batteries
Solution Output, Approx.: 8 - 42 L/H
Dosage Nozzle: 0.7 - 1.6 mm
Solution Tank Capacity: 6 L
Pressure in Solution Tank, Approx: 0.25 bar
Weight(empty), Approx.: 7.7 kg
Dimension: 27(W)x34(H)x133(L) cm
Standard Accessories:
1 set of Solution Nozzle:
- 0.8= approx. 10 L/H
- 1.0= approx. 15 L/H
- 1.2= approx 20 L/H

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